To Render the Best Service

We Have Been Giving Active Attorneyship Services Since 1983

Legal Counselling

As Kılıç Law Office, we defend our clients in Ankara and across Turkey during proceedings and render verbal and written legal counselling, mediation and attorneyship services to solve their legal problems.

Attorneyship Services

We provide local and foreign legal entities and real persons counselling, attorneyship and mediation services about Turkish and international law in our office which follows the quality management standard.


We follow up the local and international lawsuit and mediation processes of our clients in various fields of law. Besides, we are always with them in all kinds of lawsuits and legal processes.

Experienced Staff

We endeavor for our clients in their lawsuit and other legal processes with our expert and specialized staff who exercise due care in all legal affairs.

Dispute Resolution

We work on resolving the disputes more effectively and rapidly by focusing on various solution alternatives other than lawsuit process.


We are a law office the realiability of which was proved with legal knowledge and the experience of over 35 years in law and attorneyship before all of the real and legal persons, official organizations or institutions.

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