COMMERCIAL AND CORPORATE LAW; We offer all of the commercial enterprises and companies counselling and attorneyship services regarding commercial law and corporate law and any legal dispute in these areas with our experience going back many years. Furthermore, we act as the attorney of our clients, including real and legal persons in all kinds of local and international commercial disputes arising from the preparation of commercial contracts, company mergers, acquisitions, foundation and registration of companies, transactions of general assembly and board of directors, cancellation of their resolutions, receivables and liabilities of the company, and insurance and competition law.


LAW OF CONTRACTS; We render legal counselling and attorneyship services to prepare and draw up contracts related to all kinds of legal transactions of our clients, including real and legal persons.


LAW OF INTELLECTUAL AND INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY RIGHTS; We perform all kinds of legal counselling and attorneyship services and litigation processes related to legal researches, registration, protection, transfer of brands, and copyrights, patent transactions, and media and advertising law on behalf of our clients.


TAX LAW; We provide mediation services at administrative stage of tax disputes, and legal support such as tax remission as well as representing our clients in jurisdiction process and rendering legal counseling and attorneyship services about tax crimes and penalties and the administrative transactions in tax offices.


ADMINISTRATIVE LAW; Administrative applications to the real and legal persons on behalf of our clients, administrative applications, follow-up of these applications, to initiate defense in the disciplinary proceedings initiated against the civil servants, administrative courts and the cancellation of proceedings and full judicial proceedings and the execution of the decision to stop the execution of the administrative court we perform the operations.


COMPENSATION LAW; Although we represent our clients in case of work accident, traffic accident, faulty medical practice (malpractice), violation of copyrights, non-contractual acts, tort, written and visual media organs and social rights through the attack on personal rights, We provide consulting and advocacy services for compensation law.


CIVIL LAW; Our experienced staff follow up all kinds of processes related to civil law such as preparation of testament, assignment of guardian and guardianship processes, last name change, denial of affinity/paternity (disinheritance/ denial of motherhood/fatherhood in colloquial language) and the relevant lawsuits such as lawsuits for material compensation or immaterial compensation.


DIVORCE LAW; We prepare divorce protocol in uncontested divorces, perform legal counselling and litigation in uncontested and contested divorces, represent our clients in lawsuits related to guardianship or alimony, executive proceedings, lawsuits for material compensation or immaterial compensation, and lawsuits for division of matrimonial property, and prepare matrimonial property contract on behalf of our clients. Moreover, we render verbal and written counselling service for all kinds of divorce processes, including the divorce suits.


BUSINESS LAW; Our experienced team prepare labor contracts for companies and other employers, arrange personal registration files of the employees for employers and render legal support and training in lawsuits for labor receivables and reemployment. Besides, our legal counselling involves severance and notice pay of the employees, annual paid leave, calculation of their receivables related to weekends and festive holidays, rightful and unjust termination and mobbing. We provide mediation services in collection of employees’ receivables and their reemployment request as well as carrying out their lawsuit processes and issuing their enforcement proceedings. Our primary services in business law contain the preparation of collective labor agreements, service procurement agreements for the relationship between primary employer and sub-employer, and of the general, technical and administrative specifications, supporting employers about the important points in staff recruitment, preparation of written warnings and release forms which are valid in law and making out of minutes, apologia and termination statements. Lastly, we give expertise service in business law.


PENAL CODE; Our experienced and well-informed staff offer our clients in defendant or plaintiff positions who are real or legal persons legal counselling in the field of penal code, including all kinds of accusation, penal complaint, prosecution, investigation and enforcement processes. We track their criminal proceedings and any processes related to penal code. Furthermore, we render attorneyship and verbal and written counselling services regarding remission, criminal appeal, criminal cassation processes etc.


LAW OF INHERITANCE; We represent our clients in lawsuits for land cancellation and registration due to fictitious transactions, lawsuits for reduction which are filed due to the violation of heirs’ pourparties and reserved portions, lawsuits for revocation of a testament, disclaimer of inheritance, property sharing and elimination of joint ownership, and issuance of succession document. Moreover, our clients can receive legal counselling and attorneyship services in law of inheritance, including arrangement of testament and determination of pourparties.


We draw up contract of construction in return for flat, file and track the lawsuits for land cancellation and registration, follow up the establishment of lien and conversion of lien to money, give support in solution of the disputes about personal rights such as usufruct right and right of way and render legal counselling about all kinds of transactions such as cooperative management and its processes, transaction regarding flat ownership and establishment of construction servitude, preparation of management plan, putting of the addendum to title deed, preparation of real estate contract to sell and selling and buying of real estate.


INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY LAW; Significant steps have been taken in the information technology law and cybercrime as the use of internet has increased nowadays. Our legal counselling services in information technology law include the removal of the content on social media and other disputes, the disputes originating from e-commerce, hack of e-mail addresses, social media accounts and web sites and the damages arising from copying of the credit cards etc. We track the lawsuits in the field of information technology law as well.


CONSUMER LAW; We conduct legal consultancy and litigation services for all kinds of change, return and compensation transactions within the scope of consumer rights before consumer courts and consumer arbitration committees.


DEBT ENFORCEMENT AND BANKRUPTCY LAW; Follow-up with our expert staff, follow-up enforcement proceedings, follow-up enforcement proceedings, checks, bills such as foreign exchange proceedings for the execution of proceedings, mortgage money conversion operations, leasing of the immovable property, such as tracking the proceeds of legal proceedings for the collection of legal advice, enforcement and litigation follow transactions and bankruptcy demand and other transactions related to the bankruptcy.


RENTAL LAW; Due to the non-payment of the determined rental price, the procedures for the collection of the receivables and the leasing procedures, the execution of the lawsuits to be opened for the determination of the rental price, preparation of the rental agreements for the housing and the workplace, calculation of the rent increase, the preparation of the lease agreement, the legal and legal person in the disputes arising from the rent law. we represent our clients.


LAW OF EXPROPRIATION; Expropriation process and the determination and registration lawsuits due to expropriation due to expropriation with our expert staff, cases related to disputes arising from non-expropriation, lawsuits related to disputes arising from zoning practices, cancellation of expropriation, increase in the result of appeal of expropriation costs and non-payment of expropriation value, service.

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